in blue shadows haiga

Linked to Carpe Diem Time Glass #27: Sunshine, where the word “sunshine” and a song by Reggae artist Matisyahu are our inspiration.


in blue shadows –
the hidden wheels of clouds, rolling
over the mountains


I wanted to make this more “sunny” and less “shadowy” – but alas – the muses wouldn’t allow it.  And then the muses wanted Tom Waits too.  But – hey – I **was** thinking about sunshine and Matisyahu when I started.  That counts, right? 

[Ahem.]  Sorry.

4 4 2015 mountain shadows fort loudon


21 thoughts on “in blue shadows (haiga)

  1. From a prompt of ‘sunshine’ you arrived at ‘the hidden wheels of clouds, rolling’? Lol. Ah the twists and turns of creativity..

    And I like that image a lot, the rhythm of the words too 🙂


    • Thanks Blake — the shadows on this mountain are amazing — they always seem amplified here.
      Glad you liked it!
      I’ll have to make some more haiga soon. 🙂

      Noticing a difference in the rhythms this month. Which is cool to see!


      • It’s nice, isn’t it, when you have a quick look over your writing and notice how you go through phases, interests, whether stylistic or thematic, and then… evolve again and move on 🙂


    • Thanks Dom! I’ve been distracted for years 😛

      It was weird — I kept trying and trying to wrangle the words but they kept going back to this direction. And this direction made me think of Tom Waits. So. I obey the muses. 😉


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