26 thoughts on “visions of fire (haiku)

  1. A short story in 3 lines – with back story, passion, pain and a character to care about. Well done!

    It reminds me that I haven’t tried any ‘story’ haiku for ages – and that I want to… Hmm there’s a ‘dragon’ prompt at CDHK, which might have potential…
    Thanks, Jen!


    • Oh –you’ll run with that dragon prompt! I used it too — twice — but probably not as Kristjaan intended 😉
      Timely that you found this piece — I saw the homeless man in question this week. A very sad experience.

      Thanks Blake 🙂
      I like this one too —


      • The haiku is remarkable – three very strong images in their own right, which form a cohesive story with no apparent strain – though I imagine their might have been some wrangling needed.. 🙂

        But sadly, as you say, it would have been better if there had been no inspiration for you to write this, wonderful though it is.

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      • Bad moods make up the human spirit just like good moods. I’ve found that what is objectionable in poetry is the contrivance of using strong emotions just to get a read. I like my reads to be genuine if possible. Which doesn’t exclude anything … so good for you!


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