14 thoughts on “each petal (tanka)

  1. Firstly, what a gorgeous song! I must admit I haven’t kept up with Beck for a while, so I clearly need to put that right.

    And I do like how the last line of the tanka effectively carries the piece up, beyond the horizon, so fittingly for the theme 🙂


    • Thanks Blake 🙂 – I like this one. Perhaps it’s one for the much-anticipated book 😉
      Perhaps this recent voiceless time is perfect for narrowing the theme a bit.

      And isn’t that song amazing? This album is beautiful – and *much* different from the Beck I was familiar with.
      Also, a fellow blogger introduced me to a Beck / St. Vincent reinterpretation of Inxs “Kick”. Have you heard that? VERY good. 🙂


  2. Yes … this is immortality of sorts … there are many here in Italy that feel that their immortality comes from the fact that they have children, who will carry on their ideas, their genes, their name or whatever the same but different.

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