26 thoughts on “little to love (haiga)

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  2. What a marvellous editing job you did with the photo – it really does become ‘a bleached and blurred land’ – very Grapes of Wrath!

    And more fine tan renga-ing, to boot –

    field of spring dreams
    what is – what may yet be
    summer ecstasy

    what are shadows to a dove
    if her wings are strong

    Now there’s a hope-filled poem 🙂


  3. Neither of the homes I lived in as a pre teen girl exist any longer. Occasionally I would love to go walk those floors once more, just because. Wonderful haiku and photo.


    • That’s a shame, Janice — I am sorry 😦
      The first home I remember is gradually falling into disrepair — I’d love to go see it one more time. Or … perhaps … not?

      Thanks Janice 🙂


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