open sky haiga

Linked to Carpe Diem #709: God Realization, where John Lennon’s song, “God” provides our inspiration.  It is a challenging prompt – at many levels. 


God as Father Figure:

“A lot of us are looking for fathers. Many fathers were physically not there, and in fact most people’s fathers are not there mentally and physically, like always at the office or busy with other things. Many leaders are substitute fathers, whether they be religious or political. . . . All this bit about electing a President. We pick our own daddy out of a dog pound of daddies. The dog pound of daddies, which is the political arena, gives us a President, then we put him on a platform and start punishing him and screaming at him because Daddy can’t do miracles. Daddy doesn’t heal us.” (John Lennon)

Worshipping the Messenger, Not the Message:

“Maharishi was a father figure, Elvis Presley might have been a father figure. I don’t know. Robert Mitchum. Any male image is a father figure. There’s nothing wrong with it until you give them the right to give you sort of a recipe for your life. What happens is somebody comes along with a good piece of truth. Instead of the truth being looked at, the person who brought it is looked at. The messenger is worshiped, instead of the message. So there would be Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism, Marxism, Maoism — everything — it is always about a person and never about what he says.” (John Lennon)

Self Realization:

“Man is a human being only so much as he aspires to Self Realization.  This is what human birth is meant for.  To realize the One is the supreme duty of every human being.”  (Anandamayi Ma)

Snowflake Medallion 3. Graphics Fairy.

And here are some haiku from some wonderful new voices:

green many a trees
colourful, beautiful flowers
God’s own country

Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

I open the leaf
that holds my meal
mother’s fragrance

Abhay Jayapalan

sesame seeds, flowers,
and a ball of rice,
memories of father

Manoj Attingal


And here again is my contribution:

the tinkling of bells
in an open sky


in an open sky
the tinkling of bells

Were you busy bristling at Yoko?  Or did you notice the gradual introduction of light and clarity?  And – do ¼ of the people who sing along to this song on New Year’s Eve understand what they’re singing?

13 thoughts on “open sky (haiku)

  1. Beautiful … what a lovely post … and the haiku … a small change create two beautifully different haiku … the second compliments the first in my opinion … and I like them together … I’m so happy you chose ‘Imagine’ … I’ve loved that song from the moment I read the words … it speaks to and for me.


    • Thanks Bastet — oh, how I struggled with this!!!! So much to think about in the prompt, you know? I never could have done such a good job with this one — never! But yes – two different but complimentary haiku. I still might make #1 the feature at some point though. Not sure.

      Couldn’t resist adding Imagine. 🙂


  2. What a rich, rich post – I relearn from my post by reading yours! Somehow it all becomes a little more interesting. I have been studying your two haiku and would sat this – they mean very different things to me, each one.Stylistically, the first is great, ”embracing” – but the message is different in the 2nd, so the choice is definitely not a clean cut one, if what you are saying is more important than how you say it! Great post, Jen


    • Thanks Hamish — I’m so glad you enjoyed the post 🙂
      And, oh yes — seeing your own prompt interpreted through other eyes / minds / viewpoints is a heck of a learning experience!

      Very definitely – there are two different meanings here. In revisiting the post I may go back and make poem #1 the featured haiku. It’s closer to what I had in mind. It’s probably best not to explain the reasoning here — I wanted the haiku to leave people thinking — just like your prompt :).


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