4 9 2015 edgar lichen

of lichen and tree –
gentle fingers
marvel at their union

Carpe Diem Shuukan:
Recalling Intention

Joan Halifax: “All conflicts around the globe emerge from the same delusion, the illusion of separateness, but all is connected and we all are part of it. To recognize and acknowledge that we are part of it is the first what we have to do. And not only based on the concept. We have to decide that we are touched by it”.


16 thoughts on “of lichen and tree

    • Very much so! Humanity needs to look to the lichen — exquisite cooperation, and the sum is greater than the parts. You and I have chatted about lichen before 😉 — but for others stumbling through here:

      “A lichen is a composite organism that emerges from algae or cyanobacteria (or both) living among filaments of a fungus in a mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationship. The whole combined life form has properties that are very different from properties of its component organisms.” (Wikimedia.)



      • Like how you used this comment to talk more about lichen … its existence should be a life-lesson to many of us. We live on this planet with that old biblical sense of propriety, as though all was created for us to do as we please. It’s so easy to fall into egoism when one doesn’t realize that we are a part and just a part of a whole web of life! Again … Bravo!


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