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Finally – a brilliant flash:
Hie thee to thy keyboard – dash!
Ignore the dust! Ignore the dishes!
The muses are such stingy wenches:
They won’t tell you twice!

Brash, impatient folks need you now
Flash their rank in shades of guilt –
Graces:  Oh, give me plenty!
Goodness! Tell the muses I’ll
Be there in a trice!

Crash! It’s a Blue Screen Splash!
Reboot, Reload, and Clear the Cache!
Cling to your vision ‘ere it passes
Twixt vanished keys and tools and glasses!
Oh! Verse in a vise!

Dash the coaxing, I can’t hear it!
Gnash your teeth, I won’t see it!
Dramas don’t move me anymore –
Grudges?  I’ve seen plenty, dear –
Some peace would be nice!

But the vision turns to ash –
Lost twixt guesses and grouches
There’s no use in being overnice
When no one gets the need to create – so –
Back off! Let me write!

Linked to B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond, where Bastet shares a poetic form she invented – the Group Effect!  Our subject is “what does it mean to be an author”. 

Here are the rules:

*  A total of five stanzas;

*  First four stanzas:

    *  Four lines with aabb rhyme
    *  Fifth line in five syllables with a “c” rhyme;
    *  Stanzas 1 & 3 – rhyme on END word;
    *  Stanzas 2 & 4 – rhyme on FIRST word;

*  Fifth stanza:

    *  Free verse EXCEPT
        the fifth line still has five syllables

*  No set meter or syllable count OTHER than in the fifth lines.


Lemme Write!



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