a roar - a gust - haiga

Linked to Carpe Diem #710: Renunciation:  “an act or instance of relinquishing, abandoning, repudiating, or sacrificing something… giv[ing] up Self for the greater task in life.”

Chèvrefeuille shares a conversation between Arjuna and Krishna (from the Bhagavad Gita):

The man of renunciation, pervaded by purity, intelligent and with his doubts cut asunder, does not hate a disagreeable work nor is he attached to an agreeable one.

Verily, it is not possible for an embodied being to abandon actions entirely; but he who relinquishes the rewards of actions is verily called a man of renunciation. 

Learn from Me in brief, O Arjuna, how he who has attained perfection reaches Brahman, that supreme state of knowledge.

Endowed with a pure intellect, controlling the self by firmness, relinquishing sound and other objects and abandoning both hatred and attraction,

Dwelling in solitude, eating but little, with speech, body and mind subdued, always engaged in concentration and meditation, taking refuge in dispassion,

Having abandoned egoism, strength, arrogance, anger, desire, and covetousness, free from the notion of “mine” and peaceful,—he is fit for becoming Brahman

Becoming Brahman, serene in the Self, he neither grieves nor desires; the same to all beings, he attains supreme devotion unto Me.

By devotion he knows Me in truth, what and who I am; and knowing Me in truth, he forthwith enters into the Supreme.

[Emphasis mine.]

And here are two haiku from Chèvrefeuille, inspired by “renunciation”:

without sadness
the birds in the sky

lost in the forest
wind, sun, trees and birds
one with it all

And if you’re reading on mobile, here is my haiku / senryu once again:

a roar – a gust – 
only sky
after the whirlwind 

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25 thoughts on “a roar – a gust – (haiku)

    • Thanks Suzanne — this is a great comment 🙂
      I like to pack as much meaning in a haiku as I can. Even if seems like it’s talking about a cloud or a flower it has a deeper meaning – because that’s what I really like when reading **other people’s** haiku. 🙂


  1. And I’ve been wanting to use these photos for a long time now! But seriously … What kind of weirdo watches roller coasters and thinks, “there’s a haiku in that…”?!? LOL!!! Ah, well….!

    Liked by 1 person

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