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Hugo van der Goes.  Benedictine Monk, 1400s.  Wikipaintings.

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Hugo van der Goes.  Benedictine Monk, 1400s.  Wikipaintings.Outside his door, Cuthbert heard sandaled feet shuffling endlessly across groaning wood planks. He sat up in his cot and rubbed an ink-stained hand through his greying hair.

Morning already.

His door rattled and then flew open.  Silently, Brother Berthold lit the bedside candle, nodded, and shuffled away.  Cuthbert sighed, and his breath enveloped his face in vapor. What kind of life was this, to be lived in the shadows – to be lived in desperate longing?

wrapped in coarse wool /   
in his windowless cell – /
pitiless morning /

After a silent breakfast of stale bread and ale, Cuthbert looked forward to another day of copying ancient texts.  After so many years, he had thought his fingers would be tougher by now.  Instead, he had lesions – painful, never-healing blisters – on his index and middle finger.

Yet he could not – would not – complain. …

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15 thoughts on “Brother Cuthbert (Haibun)

  1. Great great write … and a great combo … haibun and fiction, though this could very well have been the story of a real person … and you say you can’t Wordle????


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