Via MindLoveMisery's Menagerie

Via MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

It was no use. 
No matter what he tried, Helmut could not imagine happiness. 

He faked a smile – but in his heart he knew it was only a shadow – a grimace – a cheap forgery.

But Helmut kept trying. He smiled again, and he conjured a mental circus – where chicken-legged ballerinas cavorted with lions and fiddlers.   He summoned a chorus of exotic dancers in ostrich feathers, and their headdresses glimmered with rhinestones as they swayed.  He captured a dove and nestled between her wings – but as soon as her feet left the earth she morphed into a crow.

And she dumped his sorry ass into the snow.

No, Helmut could not be happy. 
He was a crab – creeping across the endless ocean floor – and even the sponges ignored him.


Linked to the writing prompt at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie. Is it bad that the first thing I saw was a really cranky person – grimacing?  Probably. But the grimace brought this song to mind too.




11 thoughts on “Helmut

  1. I see griffins with cute backsides, holding a crown… hmm.

    Anyway – I do like your story, which reads like a fable about…what? Depression? Mundanity? The limits of imaginings? Whatever, it’s beautifully composed and a nice antidote to all the can-do/be-happy platitudes 🙂

    (I feel sorry for Helmut, though. Maybe there’s a depressed lady crab out there who might ignore him more prettily than those oh-so aloof sponges?)


  2. Awesome! This was totally inspired – I love the story line and how it eventually revealed the “crab” at the bottom of the image – and how, in some glances, it does look like a rather nasty face.

    The images – lines you chose – stunning – a delight to read – and well, it brought a huge smile to my face 😀


    • That is wonderful to hear! I was a bit worried at first (surely there’s plenty of fodder for a good psychiatrist to shake his head and mutter, “tut, tut!”) – but once I let go it was great fun. Very glad you enjoyed it too 🙂

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      • LOL – yup – it was the “what will people think” idea that was a bit hard to let slide, but as you’ve said, once over that idea/issue, it was fun to just play and let the mind wander at will 😉


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