dancing leaves

Another one of my haibun has been published on bookscover2cover  🙂

This is an experimental piece and it strays from the roots of traditional haibun.  It also contains a segment which is hymn-like, with echoes of Allen Ginsberg.  

Here is the haibun on bookscover2cover — please visit, if you will!  

If you’d like to see the original artwork (and notes) that accompanied the piece you can visit the original post here.

Birds and scrolls printer's ornament.  Graphics Fairy

15 thoughts on “Glory to the Wind (Haibun – bookscover2cover)

  1. As I started reading your post at bookscover2cover some of those lines (my favourites, basically) were giving me little flashbacks – and this post appeared in October?? Wow. It just goes to show how memorably you can write 🙂


      • I was genuinely a bit shocked when I realised this appeared in October – there are lines that are still fresh in the memory. But then, they are great lines – as I believe even the author herself ‘had’ to admit at bc2c 😉

        At which site I think I’ll drop in after this short break for dinner…..


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