4 27 2015 reflections art models in window cashs 2

Before the rain I visited a shrine of sorts – the old high school.  The building has been updated and expanded several times and is almost unrecognizable.  A few familiar places remain though – like the second bus entrance and the art wing.

But – oh! my first friends! – their spirit is so alive here!  We spent so much time milling around – waiting for buses.  A flicker of birdsong reminds me of Elise with the jet black hair – who mimicked seagulls as part of her voice lessons.  Ethan paced and ranted, gesturing wildly – while Heather provoked him, grinning.  And poor Keith – the future counselor – kept the peace somehow. 

I peeked from window to window until I discovered my old art class.  I sat there once– painting skies with wispy clouds and swirling leaves.  I was probably thinking about a bootlegged Grateful Dead cassette – so warbly and full of background noise it was barely understandable!  But no matter – it was a “gift” from the cute guy who copied my geometry homework.

A row of wooden artists’ models stretched across the windowsill – their arms waving wildly.   

not real
not reflection
just lost


Linked to Carpe Diem #723: Buying a Cookie.

Here was our inspiration:

I visited the Atsuna Shrine. The buildings were in ruins, the earthen walls had crumbled and were hidden in a field of weeds. Sacred straw ropes had been put to mark the site of the lesser shrine and rocks piled up to show the shrine itself. Ferns and mosses, growing as they will, only made the place more sacred and captured one’s heart.

buying a cookie
even the ferns are withered
at a rest stop

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

And here is our host Chèvrefeuille’s haiku:

tired of spinning
the cat takes time for itself
and washes his face

© Chèvrefeuille


19 thoughts on “models (haibun)

  1. Another wonderful haibun I first met at bc2c – I’m only just realising what a great ‘crash course’ you’ve been able to provide over there 🙂

    Haibun still seems a bit of a stretch for me, though. Anything over 17 syllables has the look of a short story to me..


    • Thanks Blake — 🙂
      It’s difficult to condense the “how to” of haibun into a short article (or even several)!
      I still say you’d be fantastic at haibun. Some day … some day …! 🙂


  2. It the whole picture that is important…your haibun is strong as it is is from the heart and clearly depicts a moment; and we were right there eavesdropping hearing your friend mimic the gull and I was on your shoulder as a shadow seeing you paint brush strokes with one hand and mind listening to Grateful Dead 🙂


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