charcoal hearth caledonia 2

The moment she arrived at the park she was presented with a choice.  Two signs greeted her:  Creekside Trail – Beginner and Highland Trail – Most Difficult.   Creekside offered ferns, waterfalls, and a smooth, easy terrain.  Highland presented cold stone, tangles of roots, and an intimidating climb.

Choice?  Was there a choice? 

When did she ever do things the easy way?

highland trail –
wooden ties
guiding my shoes

charcoal hearth caledonia 1

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai:
Summer Mountain


15 thoughts on “Choice (Kikobun)

  1. Ahem personally I thought the Creekside trail sounded delightful! Just saying 😉

    Nice to see some shots of Caledonia, at last. Even looking at that path I feel my breath getting short – two tips of the bowler hat to you for making that journey, twice 🙂


    • And I shall curtsy, gratefully 😉
      Yes, it was a heck of a hike, that’s for sure. Beautiful place though and well worth the journey. I’ll definitely check out the creekside path some day though. But it’s funny — after that hike — the evening walks through my little town seem a bit dull! o.O


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  3. I love the idea of the trail being the guiding force, and the shoes merely an instrument. Trails can be utterly betwitching, and can entice a person off in many directions. Maybe a little like poetry?


    • Thanks! I wanted to incorporate the ideas in the Basho haiku but wasn’t sure how to do that – for quite a while!
      But yes. They’re both enticing! 🙂


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