Linked to Carpe Diem Haiku Kai #737:  Since the Cherry Blossoms.   Basho’s pupil, Kyohaku, had given him a gift of a haiku before he set off on his journey on the narrow road.   I decided to follow the pupil-student theme for this prompt.  

Here is Kyohaku’s haiku:

pine shows him
late cherries


It was inspired by this Basho haiku:

since the cherry blossoms
I’ve waited three months to see
the twin-trunk pine

(Tr. Jane Reichhold)

My response is based on the following Kerouac haiku:

Looking up at the stars,
     feeling sad,
Going “tsk tsk tsk”

— Jack Kerouac
   Book of Haikus


almost dawn haiga



almost dawn –
with the stars
fading into the void





30 thoughts on “almost dawn (haiga)

  1. Today my niece and I went out to buy each other birthday presents , so I was in a bookshop and looked for Kerouac’s haiku, but they only had the novels 😦

    And how nice to see you and Georgia in renga action again 🙂


    • No haiku!? That’s unthinkable! Ah well, there’s always Amazon–
      though some folk see them as the Evil Empire of book selling! 🙂

      Much more renga in the future — here and at Bastet’s site 🙂


  2. I hate when I write a really good comment and my mouse slides off the chair arm and erases the whole thing…….

    This is a splendid take. Reminds me of ancient cultures belief that the sun, moon and stars were at war for control of the skies..


    • No worries, Janice! They both came through — but I’ll publish this one to respond to them both 😉
      Thanks so much — I really enjoy your interpretation too — it seems fitting 🙂


  3. Ah … I do like this one … being a dawn person I can appreciate your haiku very much … that’s such a wonderful hour of the day … I’m intrigued with the Kerouac poem wondering why he’d be sad at dawn, usually it’s the sunset that melancholy is attributed to … nice path choice Paloma.


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