14 thoughts on “only pebbles (haiku)

  1. Ah, I really like this! Doesn’t make me feel too sad though – there’s a heron that’s always eating the frogs from my dad’s garden pond, so I’m actually quite glad that for once it missed out on dinner. Is that terribly mean?


  2. I always feel like the purpose of a haiku is food for thought — reproducing ideas, feelings, emotions et al in a strict and unyielding framework. And yours always give me food for thought, so mission accomplished, I guess. 🙂

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  3. Great stand alone haiku .. I’ve of course already read your haibun and the accompanying post … i liked the way you stay in your present whilst following the spirit of Basho – Basho’s haiku being the closing of his trip, I feel has a bit of melancholy, that your heron represents beautifully – delicious post!


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