green in crack in sidewalk

She’d lingered at the creek as long as she could – until the streets called her home.  She wandered, letting the scenery direct her path:  left, where a crow scolded from the pines; right, where a chipmunk ducked into the ivy.   At the bunting-draped cottage she discovered two children drawing on the sidewalk.  She’d expected hopscotch – rainbows – even the name of a crush.  Instead, their ‘art’ left her crushed.

stick figure giants
chalk bullets
no rain

Graphics Fairy. Ornamental Doodad.

Linked to Carpe Diem #743: From All Directions, where I was inspired by the comments and recent events as much as the sample haiku.

“First our Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Family has members from all directions and that makes me happy. Second this haiku title brought another idea in mind. A more sad idea. From all directions, everywhere on Earth there are issues to resolve not at least peace. Peace right now is further away than we ever could imagine, but what makes me sad the most is the following. Once humankind was proud on its history, but nowadays our history is under attack…. not so long ago Nimrud and Hatra were destroyed and now maybe Palmyra is the next piece of history to be destroyed.”

Our haiku:

from all directions
blossoms blow into
waves of Lake Lute

(Tr. Jane Reichhold)


open the lock
let the moon shine in –
Floating Temple

Mii Temple,
I’d love to knock on its gate:
tonight’s moon

(Tr. David Landis Barnhill)

And from Chèvrefeuille:

full moon
reflecting her beauty in the water
of Lake Biwa

moonlight reflects
spring breeze scatters her beauty
I bow and pray


25 thoughts on “giants (haibun)

  1. The sudden and understated “crushing” of the peaceful spell weaved at the start of the haibun works very well – like a punch in the stomach from a passerby (kind of?).

    On the “bright side” my brother and I drew war pictures all the time, and monsters, superheroes and imagined football matches – just for fun 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Blake — it certainly _did_ feel like a punch in the gut. They’re probably okay … but … the complexity of the image and the way it felt so out of place with the rest of the environment — it was so odd. Very eerie and sad.

      I’m thinking about those superheroes — wondering if you created your own, with fantastic and over-the-top superpowers?


  2. Oh how sad … they say that children work out their traumas through their drawings .. I wonder what they were elaborating. I know that fairy tales were haunting and violent … but I think with interactive games and violence in TV and films, we have been seeding a lot of horror for quite some time. Or maybe not … but it should make one stop and think.


  3. Wow – that was quite a read. The poetry of your description of the walk then the sudden shock of the children’s drawings. The haiku is incredibly powerful.

    Liked by 1 person

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