thaddeus stevens mountain laurel

among the mountain laurel –
a phoenix
at peace

Linked to Carpe Diem #744:  River Breeze, where this haiku from Basho is our inspiration:

kawa kaze ya   usu gaki ki taru   yu suzumi

a river breeze
the one wearing a light persimmon robe
enjoying the coolness

(Tr. Jane Reichhold)

In this haiku, Basho is both part of the haiku and slightly apart from the haiku – as he is the one in the light persimmon robe.

more mountain laurel


27 thoughts on “among the mountain laurel

  1. So this is the Peeay state flower? How gorgeous! You know, I can practically taste the air as I’m gazing at your photo… It must be delightful to go strolling through 🙂


  2. Kalmia!! Now, that is not just any mountain laurel. I know it as calico bush and it is gorgeous. Doesn’t grow over here, more’s the pity.


    • It was a WONDERFUL surprise! I haven’t seen that much mountain laurel in ages. (Trivia: it’s the Peeay state flower.)
      Gorgeous scenery – the photo doesn’t do it justice – it was a tunnel of mountain laurel. Ahhhhh! And with sunset approaching the whole place glowed — absolutely beautiful. You know that word “gloaming” that I like so much? Lotsa “gloaming”! 😉
      I plunked myself down in the middle of it and just — relaxed. 🙂


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