ferns 2

a carpet of ferns
spills into the rain –
doe in the thunder

Linked to Carpe Diem Special #149, where our task was to write a haiku in the same spirit as the following haiku from Rallentanda – the winner of the first kukai, “wisteria”:

fragrant chandeliers drop
a carpet of purple

© Rallentanda 

Here is our host’s inspired haiku:

in the moonlight
Wisteria flowers look fragile –
a gust of wind 

© Chèvrefeuille

And don’t forget – the deadline for the next kukai is June 15th and the theme is “summertime”.

Version Two

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24 thoughts on “a carpet of ferns

  1. Of course, you were writing for a prompt and ‘in the style of’ here, but I wondered if you wrote a haiku of the actual scene? It must have been so striking and ‘real’ whereas I’m seeing these haiku through a poetic haze – it’s a nice haze, but… that creature in the thunderstorm! 🙂


    • Hm…. I really _should_ write a haiku to relive that moment. It was quite a scene. The two of us watching one other. I was amazed — but perhaps the deer was just thinking, “oh, sheesh — YOU again?!?” LOL!!! But yes. The moment deserves its own haiku. 🙂


        • Yup — it earned its own tanka 🙂

          I imagine the doe was thinking, “sheesh … I really need to pick a different trail … that chickie looks like trouble … look at those glazed eyes, that goofy grin … oh dear, oh deer.” 😉


    • Thanks — I was hoping to keep the spirit but use a different subject. And these carpets of ferns make me dreamy 🙂
      Very glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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