iris and spider

one spider
perched among the yellow iris –
the scent of pine


Linked to Carpe Diem #747: Arrival of Summer.  For June, Jane Reichhold’s modern kigo will guide us.  Thankfully, irises are a traditional kigo and they go well with this prompt.

I’m also linking to Haiku Horizons: Pond.

Here is the first haiku from Jane Reichhold:

summer again
sun pennies in the sky
of the river

© Jane Reichhold

and Chèvrefeuille’s response:

mountain stream
the ice has melted – dances in the sun
crystal waterdrops

© Chèvrefeuille

and a second haiku from Chèvrefeuille, using the Baransu (association) technique:

mountain stream
salmon swims to the well in thin air
rebirth of summer

© Chèvrefeuille

9 8 2014 caledonia creek 5

25 thoughts on “one spider

  1. Ah a shimmering summer lake! [sigh..]. I think the haiku becomes that much more ‘immersive’ due to the scent in the last line, as another sense is jolted into life 🙂


    • Thanks Blake 🙂
      This lake will appear in a lot of haiku and haiga … it’s gorgeous from the woods’ side of the lake … and wow, the bullfrogs are so loud too in the evening. Long time since I added several senses in a haiku … hmmm… 🙂


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