44 thoughts on “What Use

  1. A 2-2-1b format – ingenious! And how seamlessly you get the form to flow [applauding]. And as you say here, at least creative people can sometimes fashion something worthwhile from those tormented moments,

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    • So good to see you here, Scout 🙂
      Yes. It’s paradox. Navigating this sea has gotten to be a nightmare. But — bravely onward 🙂


    • Thanks Suzanne — it’s a poetic form I invented a while back — called a “Baker Street” because I liked / like Sherlock (with B.C.) so much. Syllable count is 2/2/1b (with the “b” either a “b”, literally, or some sort of carried alliteration). It seems to help add gravity or underline pain.

      Was in a bit of a funk.

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      • Life can be tricky some days, that’s for sure. Finding creative ways to express that can really help – as you showed here. I like your explanation of Baker Street poetry.


        • Life has me completely stumped these days, alas. Thank goodness for writing. 🙂
          Glad you enjoyed the explanation — perhaps some day you can incorporate it too


        • Oh. I am sorry to hear that. I understand the need to write. For me, its taking photos that gets me through right now. My words seem to have dried up a bit at present. Take care and keep writing. 🙂

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        • I’m glad the muses are at least giving you some relief and some direction via photography —

          Keep taking the photos and I’ll keep writing 🙂

          All the best —

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    • Thanks CC — the Baker Street is a tough form but it’s perfect for capturing a bitter bite or a series of punches. (Even if I do say so myself!) 😉


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