tulip poplar


Perhaps in the woodlands I should stop “toying with words”.   There aren’t enough words – the right words – for the colors and textures woven here by the rain.   My attempts to label them become noise – static – and the birds here echo my chatter. 

Which moss is “moss” green?   Root moss, cushion moss, or the moss on the trunks?  Is it right to speak of emerald ferns – when emeralds are ancient, heat-born, and unyielding?  Is it fair to say that the woodpecker’s snag is dotted with jade? 

The rain won’t allow the woods to be labeled and it streaks the old trunks as I watch.  I see patterns – and then I see none.  And the hardwoods yield, splintering softly.

soft summer rain – 
a woodpecker’s labor
lost on the sparrows


Carpe Diem #749:  Rain

28 thoughts on “chatter

  1. Absolutely. When a haiku can come from anything, however small and seemingly inconsequential, the temptation is to look for those 17 syllables everywhere, isn’t it? Until we’re no longer even appreciating our surroundings properly, but simply tuning in to that “noise – static.”

    Still, the first step to avoiding that trap is to acknowledge we have a problem, right 😉


  2. this is stunning, Jen! I so agree that there are not enough words in English or French…I wish I could speak many other languages to find the `right`word to describe textures and colours. The Innuit have 50 words for snow.

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    • Thank you Oliana 🙂
      Yes — we need 50+ words for greens — the photos just don’t do it justice. So much green — so much green. Perhaps it is best just to shut the brain off for a minute or two and enjoy — without trying to sort it all out.


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