Along the steepest stretch of the Charcoal Hearth Trail I met a switchback – a hairpin turn in the mountain – abrupt and treacherous.  Little soil covered the path – it was mostly crumbling stone and moss.  Roots wound their way between the rocks – forming chutes that offered no footing.  The trail had been dry at mountain’s top – but here it was slick as the rain swept over the mountain.  And yet – even here – I was not alone.

gentle rain
over a stony trail –
the sound of a doe

Carpe Diem #751

caledonia switchback

At the bottom ….


20 thoughts on “switchback

  1. Hmm I was typing away excitedly to leave a comment, at which point my screen suddenly went haywire and WP abruptly posted the letter ‘N.’ As if I’m a character out of Monty Python – Blake the blogger who says ‘N!’ I mean, really… 😛

    Anyway, what I intended to say was – Never having heard the sound of a doe in person, I was delighted to learn that they sounded like rain. How unexpected and charming 🙂

    Another lovely haibun and image combination, Jen.


    • Thanks Dom 🙂
      This form is called haibun; it is prose and haiku combined. At first the haiku was going to stand on its own but it felt like it needed more explanation. Very glad to have done so now! 🙂


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