He sprawled in the driveway, this sound effects king, scraping the gravel from the hard-packed clay.  He growled as he manned his slab-of-bark plows; he barked instructions as foreman.  And when he’d carved a perfect orange ring in the earth, he rolled out the General Lee.

And a master of mimicry this little boy was – all screeching brakes and glass-packed mufflers – as Bo and Luke executed their perfect slow-motion jumps.

All day.

Every day. 

Inside the house his mother sprawled under a rattling air conditioner, lost in her soap operas.  The boy’s father kissed his wife’s cheek as he supplied the drink, and she never questioned the time he spent alone in his daughter’s bedroom.

a future lost
frozen in rust lines

Carpe Diem Time Glass #32
Dukes of Hazzard

Everyone knew … but no one could help.  Phone call after phone call after phone call … but nothing could be proven … so nothing could be done.  


19 thoughts on “the sound effects king

  1. This is so expertly composed – beginning with an innocuous, fun, scene before moving the camera into the ‘darkness’. I’m so impressed that you can keep your artistic focus so well when writing about ‘sensitive’ subjects – my own technique gets more shaky as I feel more emotional.


        • Reminds me of Cheryl-Lynn and her work … often the idea is that what happens inside a family is no business of the public. They’re like a private fiefdom or something … recently the justice department here has taken to removing children from this sort of dysfunctional home … only to have the public opinion raise a hue and cry about the state interfering in people’s private affairs. Go figure.


        • Yes — always that “interference” b.s.
          Here they have to give the family try after try after try …. chance after chance after chance … but by that time it is too late.


  2. Definitely deeply moving and tragic- sad – actually beyond sad – the scars and memories that may take a life time – and then some – to heal. *sigh*

    Great write though Jen – highly evocative and well constructed.


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