graveyard mist haiga

Linked to Carpe Diem #153: A Beautiful Peace, where Rallentanda provides today’s inspiration:

a beautiful peace
I sit quietly with them
feeling their presence

© Rallentanda

Here is our host’s response:

graves seem to move
spirits dance

© Chèvrefeuille

And my own:

graveyard mist
a silence
beyond need


15 thoughts on “graveyard mist

  1. As I read this haiku the last line seemed to arrive from some entirely unexpected place – it brought me up short because I initially read it as “more than needed” (i.e. sad) and only afterwards as “after need has gone”. I do like those shifts and surprises 🙂


    • Hi Rall —
      Loved the haiku and the inspiration you’ve given us this month 🙂
      Sorry to have been so absent — a lot going on lately. Soon things will be back to normal — thank you for being concerned .


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