twilight forest

Four days with thunder.

Between storms it still rains in the woodlands. Large drops slide from their leaf-top perches and break into smaller droplets as they fall through the canopy. They mingle with oak, with pine, and with soil, and they rise again as a warm mist, carrying the scent with them. This scented mist clings to the traveler and she cannot cool down.

Where the trail is steepest a boulder – striped with quartz – peeks from the mountain laurel. She rests there, draped across the cold stone, and she daydreams.

in the gloaming
one moth

with its kiss


Carpe Diem #764


16 thoughts on “four days with thunder

  1. You’ve brought this scene to life … a fantastic feeling (perhaps because we’d just had a storm here as well). Great write Jen. I enjoyed your post very much.


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