caledonia mists firefly

from its rhododendron leaf
eagerly, the firefly
rises into evening

Linked to B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond, where this week Bastet has introduced the American 767, created by Dennis L. Dean:

Here are the guidelines:

a poem in 3 lines (tristich);
7-6-7 syllables per line;
contains the name of a “bug”.

caledonia mists original

29 thoughts on “eagerly, the firefly

  1. I’m very impressed by a poetic form that specifies it should contain the name of a “bug” – here’s to the critters! You do an admirable job of carrying on Issa’s tradition of giving them a starring role 🙂


    • Why, thank you!
      You’d get a kick out of this … at the local Mexican restaurant there is a worker named Issa!
      So there was a Christmas stocking labeled “Issa” hanging on the wall. Nice, eh?


      • Really, what are the odds?? Did you already know that was the person’s name or did you look up and think “what..?”

        In those kind of situations don’t you find yourself doing a double take – is that real? am I dreaming? am I… in old Japan?!

        Reality can be a slippery customer.. 😉


        • It was so weird! I had no idea there was an Issa there … but had to get a photo … to sort of “prove” it was real!
          Made me grin from ear to ear, and I thought “there must be a haiku in this somewhere” 🙂

          But … still … reality is indeed slippery some times 😉


    • Thank you so much, CC — this means a lot. Sometimes Bastet and I worry about how to keep the prompt ideas fresh and new.
      Bastet picked a great form this week – returning to an old favorite this weekend, but I think (hope!) people will enjoy it 🙂

      Glad you liked the firefly too 🙂


        • LOL!!!

          We’re at the point where we’re running out of new poetic forms. They should be complex enough to provide some challenge – but not so complex that people are turned off, either.

          A dilemma o.O

          So … we’re always open to new ideas if you see anything interesting 🙂

          Thanks so much for the encouragement — it’s much appreciated 🙂


        • Well, I get all my best & most interesting ideas from you so although I’m happy to share if I come across anything…..um it might be a little redundant telling you what you already know 😉 Have a great week Jen.


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