rocks caledonia

rough traveling –
hot stones under my feet
where the path narrows

Linked to Carpe Diem Special #154:  Afriku, where our featured poet is Adjei Agyei-Baah. 

What is “Afriku”

Afriku: a coinage from the merging of “Africa” and “haiku” referring a haiku piece with a strong African setting and imagery which words such “baobab”, anthill, savannah, python, sand, harmattan, drum, darkness, safari, Nile, naked breast, fast darting cheetah, rainforest, boiling hot sun, charging rhinoceros, mosquitoes etc.

Here are three Afriku from Ajei Agyei-Baah:

shoreline pebbles…
a reminder of how far
we have come

daddy’s delicacy-
taking stones out of gizzard

stone temple
leftover boulders
add to reverence

© Adjei Agyei-Baah, Kumasi, Ghana

Hopefully my haiku embraces the spirit of the Afriku. 

22 thoughts on “rough traveling

  1. I read through the words associated with Africa, and was surprised to find ‘darkness’ among the list. Isn’t it outdated to think of Africa as the ‘dark continent’? From one being of it, from it, in it.


      • Has it ever … I don’t think I’d recognize the place through the description … but then again, I’ve found that often the descriptions have little to do with the reality … if we say airport, we imagine jets and fancy towers etc. In Africa, airport might be a quantum hut with a concrete runway with an old windsock blowing in the sultry afternoon breeze surrounded by a chain-linked fence to keep the goats and lions off the runway.


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