seeking heaven
between clouds of smoke, parting –
palm trees and neon

in laughter’s fountain
a goddess, discovered –
desert caravan

from the jazz café –
Ellington and exotica  
on a summer night

honeysuckle dreams
with ancient roads in her eyes  –
what hill?

Carpe Diem Full Circle Challenge

Our challenge was to use all twelve words (in order) to create a haiku series:

1. Heaven
2. Clouds
3. Palm tree
4. Fountain
5. Goddess
6. Desert
7. Jazz cafe
8. Duke Ellington
9. Summer night
10. Honeysuckle
11. Ancient road
12. Hill

23 thoughts on “seeking heaven

  1. Listening to the music while reading your splendid haiku is just so very pleasing and full of sensations. Remembering being in smoky lounges dragging on a cigarette while sipping rum and coke.


  2. I think you did an excellent job – really well done and it speaks and flows like sultry nights – exotic and hot – with ancient wisdom watching behind the scenes 🙂


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