forest woodlands pine caledonia
pine-swept – 
this song in the woodlands
free from shadow

For Carpe Diem Haiku Shuukan – Bhumisparsha Mudra:

“A mudra in Buddha statues is a gesture and body posture holding special meanings and commemorating few of the important moments in the Buddha’s life. One of the most common and popular mudras which are found depicted in Buddha statues is the Bhumisparshamudra, translated as the earth touching gesture. Buddha statues with this mudra are commonly known as the “earth-witness” Buddha and these iconographic representations are one of the most popular Buddhas you can find anywhere in the world … This gesture represents the moment of the Buddha’s awakening as he claims the earth as the witness of his enlightenment.

Just before he realized enlightenment, it is believed that the demon Mara tried to frighten him with the armies of demons and monsters including his daughters who tried to tempt him to get out of meditation under the Bodhi tree. While the demon king Mara claimed the throne of enlightenment for himself, his demon army claimed to be the witness for Mara’s enlightenment. Mara then challenged Siddhartha about the witness. Then the former prince reached out his right hand to touch the earth as it is believed that the earth itself roared “I bear you the witness!” Hearing the roar from the earth herself, the demon king disappeared. The following morning saw the first appearance of the one who is awakened, the Buddha. Hence, it is believed that the Bhumisparshamudra, or “the earth witness” mudra commemorates the Buddha’s victory over the temptation by the demon King Mara.”

“I’m gonna sing songs of loving and forgiving
songs of eating and of drinking,
songs of living, songs of calling in the night
’cause songs are like a bolt of light
and love’s the only love you should invite …
songs that don’t let you sit still
songs that mend your broken bones
and that don’t leave you alone…

…yeah, take me to church
but not the ones that hurt
’cause that ain’t the truth
and that’s not what it’s worth…”

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