23 thoughts on “a whine

      • They are a pain! Do you have the infamous tiger mosquitoes at your place? We never had mosquitoes in the day time until they reached our shores .. nasty critters too!


        • I’m not sure what we have, but we can get West Nile virus. Have to be very careful 😛
          Have heard of the tiger mosquitoes though … scary stuff.


        • West Nile virus .. never heard of it, which doesn’t mean it doesn’t occur here … they just never tell us about things like that until somebody dies … then it hits the news for two days and disappears again … Yeah Tiger mosquitoes are a real pain … came over in containers from the orient if I remember correctly.


        • Yep … a world problem I guess … that’s how we brought the plague to Europe btw back in the Middle Ages .. hmm kinda scary actually.


        • They do that in some places here in Italy too .. fortunately what they’ve been doing in Trentino is to dry up stagnant ponds and canals, have people keep from accumulating water without covering it … that sort of thing … oh and encourage the increase of the bat and bird population.


        • Unfortunately, our bat numbers are on the decrease around here. Which is also very scary. That “white nose disease” – very frightening stuff. But to try to get people to take care of the places that breed mosquitoes — a losing battle around here. People scream about the cost. 😦


        • People are sooooooooooo stupid. I think that the Trentini are particularly civic minded and ecologically conscious … the Italians on the whole are a rather undisciplined sort of people and before they’ll collaborate with anyone they have to argue for about 50 years to make sure they’re not getting the short end of the stick … one of the major problems with Italians in general and politics in the country in particular. Here (Trentino) for some reason things work maybe it’s the old Germanic culture … this place was a part of Austria for a couple of centuries.


        • Could be … here it’s all about money and “who do you think you are? telling me what I should do? hmph!”
          So you’re quite fortunate there.


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