Sidney Hall.  Camelopardalis.  WikiMedia.

brown eyes, dozing
in the Imperial garden –
though the leaves are sweet
can a giraffe be content
with the savanna so distant?  

Carpe Diem
Camelopardalus (Giraffe)

Song Dynasty Depiction of the Three Enclosures

In ancient Chinese astronomy, the sky was divided into Three Enclosures:  The Purple Forbidden Enclosure, The Supreme Palace Enclosure, and The Heavenly Market Enclosure.  (“Enclosure” is a translation of “low wall” or “fence”.)

The Purple Forbidden Enclosure is located in the northernmost area of the sky and is circled by all the other stars.   It reflects China’s Forbidden City.  The Emperor of Heaven, the Crown Prince, and the Guardian reside here.  

Camelopardalis (the giraffe or “leopard camel”) is located within the Purple Forbidden Enclosure.

21 thoughts on “brown eyes, dozing

    • They would have to remember, wouldn’t they? I doubt that the Imperial family ever kept giraffes, but the image of this poor captive creature penned in a small fenced area kept coming to mind…
      Thanks Joanna –


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