51 thoughts on “just out of reach

        • It’s gorgeous–wonder how that works, that it shows in the Reader but not on your blog? No, don’t explain–my brain is resting while I watch “Columbo”!! xxoo Val


        • Simple — in “columnist” theme you can specify a feature image — and that shows up on the main page (in all the little boxes) and in the reader. But if you don’t physically add the photo to the main blog post you won’t see it in the blog post. Only on main page and reader. 😉

          Ah — Columbo! Love Peter Falk. Especially the way he snagged the bad guys every time. “Oh. I see. Better leave you alone then. [Walks away … then turns…] Oh, one more thing…”


        • Oh YAY, another “Columbo” fan!!! I’m such an addict, watch whenever it’s on–and am thinking of ordering the DVD of a couple seasons, just in case I need a “fix” when it’s not on any channel.

          Thanks for explaining about “feature image”–4 yrs of blogging, I’ve seen that option, but never checked it out–now I know what it’s about! 🙂


        • Wish you lived next door–we could watch together, while eating brownies and ice cream…or chips…or whatever–but there must be food and I’m happy to provide it! I’m curious–do you have a favorite episode? Probably several, right? One of mine has guest star Ruth Gordon–she locked her nephew-by-marriage in her big safe/vault, because she believed he murdered her beloved niece. And the ones with his dog–named “Dog”, because he couldn’t think of anything better!


        • Double Exposure–was that the one with Dick Van Dyke? If so, I liked it too–except that it’s hard to see Dick as a bad guy/murderer. And I think last night was Murder by the Book–(Jack Cassidy and the recently deceased Martin Milner–as a writing team?).


        • Yup – Dick Van Dyke 🙂
          Perhaps that’s why I liked it so much — good to see DVD taking on a different role. And Murder by the Book was episode 1, I think — 🙂


  1. That’s the way it is with me: Sometimes a single streetlight crowds out all the stars in my vision. How simple it would be to just turn my head heavenward!


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