31 thoughts on “already

  1. Dead grass for sure but due to being back in drought conditions after the floods in the spring. Lovely yet longing in you poem. So enjoy instrumental music. You always pick the best.


  2. It’s funny to hear your rantings about Comcast. My sister just told me this morning that she and her husband have been without service for five days! Maybe it’s part of that withering effect that you describe in your tanka. 😉


    • Withering before I even realized they were here! This is an odd-ball autumn crocus, and it’s not faring too well. There’s a scorching hot wind with this latest heat wave and … well … gak. 😛

      Thanks Bastet 🙂


        • Yup — it was cold and wet forever. Took forever for summer to arrive!
          Way too hot for the crocus — 90+ this week — and the wind felt like it was blasting out of an oven.
          Thunderstorms tonight – no rain here, just lightning — but it must have been bad somewhere because the Internet was down for about an hour. 😛


        • Yuck … well, you mentioned it was an odd ball autumn crocus … and hot winds … so I thought maybe it could be the weather that’s withering it. When I was back in the States a couple of years ago, I remember those yucky thunder storms … scary as hell and the rain never fell … passed the whole time in the U.S. under a lousy heat wave … Glad you got your Internet back, that happens here as well, but would never have thought it could happen in the U.S.


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