Henri Matisse. Dance ii, 1910. WikiArt.‍‌

…if i dance…
life decisions
while her crush watches


Some boys take a beautiful girl 
and hide her away from the rest of the world.
I want to be the one to walk in the sun.  
Oh girls, they want to have fun … 
Oh girls just want to have fun.

For Carpe Diem #843:
Tokushima Awa Odori (Dance Festival)

Our host explains that:

During the daytime a restrained dance called Nagashi is performed, but at night the dancers switch to a frenzied dance called Zomeki. As suggested by the lyrics of the chant, spectators are often encouraged to join the dance.

Men and women dance in different styles. For the men’s dance: right foot and right arm forward, touch the ground with toes, then step with right foot crossing over left leg. This is then repeated with the left leg and arm. Whilst doing this, the hands draw triangles in the air with a flick of the wrists, starting at different points. Men dance in a low crouch with knees pointing outwards and arms held above the shoulders.

The women’s dance uses the same basic steps, although the posture is quite different. The restrictive kimono allows only the smallest of steps forward but a crisp kick behind, and the hand gestures are more restrained and graceful, reaching up towards the sky. Women usually dance in tight formation, poised on the ends of their geta sandals.

Children and adolescents of both sexes usually dance the men’s dance. In recent years, it has become more common to see adult women, especially those in their 20’s, dancing the men’s style of dance. 

(Emphasis mine.)

14 thoughts on “if i dance

  1. Hi! Sorry for lack of comments, had real trouble signing in. Will do some back-commenting. I really like this verse…mysterious and meaningful as always and strands that lead to different possible meanings….having fun….yes, though there is the crush that watches…. Hamish


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