19 thoughts on “face flushed

    • Thanks Janice 🙂
      Made me think of my “friend” Owen (Lowell) the homeless man.
      And yesterday I ran into Emily again – the lady who can’t afford her meds.
      So many folks in need … with faces flushed.


  1. Not that the homeless and hungry ever get a day off, but it seems all the more heartbreaking to me at the holidays. I’m alone, mostly by choice, but I have sufficient resources to “make myself a Merry little Christmas”, and Thanksgiving, etc–those poor folks don’t have that option. So sending my tithe check to the nearby mission at least comforts me to know that a few are getting a good meal…it’s all just so sad.


    • So many homeless and near homeless folk here too… and it is a gray area… sometimes the police ask them to move on, sometimes not. I was thinking about poor Owen, the mentally ill homeless man who has been in the area for years. And now he’s joined by a vet and a woman who can’t afford her meds. Breaks my heart.


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