sorting the autumn wind small

the autumn wind –
among the last leaves
my unquiet heart, racing


Carpe Diem
Khar Us / Black Lake

Looking at mountains, I feel I am a mountain.
Looking at mist and haze, I feel I am a cloud.
After the rain has fallen, I feel that I am grass, and
When sparrows start to sing, I remember I am morning.

I am not a human, that’s for sure.

When stars flare up, I feel I am the darkness
When girls shed their clothes, I remember I am spring
When I smell the desire of everybody in this world,
I realize how my quiet heart is a fish’s.

I am not a human, that’s for sure.

Under the colorful sky, an immense EMPTINESS
Starting from today I am only…

— L. Olziitogs
    Mongolian Poet

57 thoughts on “becoming

  1. So you focused on the same section as I did 🙂 I especially like:
    the autumn wind”
    – which could be a powerful image of freedom; also restlessness, though, as you highlight here. I hope the racing heart has its moments of delight, too 🙂


  2. Unaccountable quietude after weeks of fierce storms causes disquietude. It seems wrong not to hear the loud wind rustle the leaves down to the ground and causing large limbs drop down.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much 🙂
      I wasn’t sure if I was condensing it, or going in a new direction … there are several ways to interpret it. I’m choosing a less peaceful interpretation than the author’s…. so restless. … so restless… sigh….


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