Gypsy Moth Larva. US Forest Service.

Gypsy Moth Larva. US Forest Service.


The gypsy moth invaded Central Pennsylvania in the early 1980s.  Huge swaths of our woodlands were stripped dead in a matter of 2-3 years … and you could not sit under most trees because of falling caterpillar … stuff.

One summer, the “experts” introduced a troublesome black fly to control the larvae. 


caterpillar rain
under the writhing canopy –
blue skies, abuzz

Here is another type of black fly … a more vicious variety!


Carpe Diem #876
Early Summer Rains; Fleas and Lice


36 thoughts on “experts

  1. Good heavens! It seems that the lesson, you can’t solve one problem without cause more had never been heard by the experts. Hopefully things are stabilizing now. BTW … great haibun, it really caught my attention .. and the haiku is a real beauty.


    • Thankfully the flies weren’t as long-lived as the caterpillars, LOL. We still have a few caterpillars, but nowhere near as many as before. Of course, the damage is done – and huge parts of the woods crossing into neighboring Fulton Co are still barren. The pines are creeping into these places as the caterpillars won’t eat them. Other areas are healing though, thankfully — but it will take decades for the full character of the woods to return.

      So glad you enjoyed it 🙂


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