Christmas Lights Narrow 1

For their first Christmas as a Duo, they adopted an artificial tree from her parents.  She missed the smell of pine in the house – but the prospect of a spiderless holiday was appealing – and she didn’t have the balance to wrangle a heavy live tree anyway.

Her son watched as she struggled to drape lights over the uppermost branches.  He rolled his eyes and stuck out his hand – and she yielded. 

When did he get so tall?

She rooted through the ornaments and realized that they no longer had an angel or a star to top the tree.

Did it matter?

open places –
are these gaps
and do they need filled?

Carpe Diem
Kamishibai Kurisumasu

20 thoughts on “open places

  1. Good for you and a great haibun … I still haven’t “gotten around” to put the tree up. I think life is made up of everything … and empty spots have their place, in fact you need them to fill in the full spots 😉 That video was odd, I’ve never heard them/him before … I can always count on you for something new!

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      • I’m sure it is “interesting”–lots of mixed emotions, I’m certain. Glad you got the tree up–you should see mine: a friend gave me an old table lamp, quite large; it has a sort of bronze center section that looks like an urn…so I wrapped blue/silver garland around that, and stuck some pewter/silvery and turquoise ribbon bows (wire stems) into the garland. Around the base (on an octagonal table–2 actually, they’re stacked, so it’s sort of high and in the corner of the living room), I draped a white lace panel (for like a curtain sort of)–to look like snow, and arranged 2 strings of “incomplete” lights, one blue and one multi. The whole look is “interesting”, eclectic, and a few steps above “shabby chic”. I like it, and that’s what counts 🙂 Across the room on my bookcase, I have blue and white star lights…amid my Chinese lantern string–with different shaped jars full of aquarium glass.


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