22 thoughts on “door flung wide

  1. There could be a sense of abandonment here, of someone walking away from herself, the door left banging behind her – or simply an unavoidable surrendering to the weather…

    You maintain that balance/tension so well 🙂


      • Was that Japanese?

        I think you’re onto something interesting mixing these … but, what if you like read a line … let the music flow a little and then read some more making them one thing as it were.

        The music sounds great .. and the voice is becoming better, but I think it should be worked on some more sound wise … still a little tinny. But the sum total and the great verse and music are really great.


        • Yes, it was Japanese 🙂

          I’ll ask my creative partner what he thinks about spacing the lines out a bit; we’d talked about it for future pieces. Moving piece by piece, depending on mood. In this case the voice was more of an instrument than a vehicle for words. Letting the listener make the connections 🙂

          And we’ll continue to work on the sound quality.

          Thanks Bastet 🙂

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